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Our Strategy

With more than 30 years of combined experience in the energy industry, we seek to deliver leading-edge well completion solutions, coupled with state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, to drive value for our customers, workforce, and communities. 


Our Services

Well completion - from top to bottom. From pressure pumping to testing a well’s performance, we know what’s needed to safely release energy resources from tightly packed shale, and in a responsible way. We demand a high standard of performance from our people to make this happen, which makes us competitive in today’s ever changing market. And we work closely with our customers and neighbors to follow the state and national policies that govern our industry.

Pump Downs

We pressure pump fluids and the wireline gun through the wellbore, so perforation can take place right where you need it.

Toe Preps

We apply the right pressure to open multiple toe sleeves within the wellbore and establish initial injection to stimulate stage one of completion.

Defit Test

We pressure test every casing and wellhead with a high-quality surface measurement system, to make sure your reservoir produces accurate data - making it lower in cost and risk free.


Our Story

We’re oil and gas professionals and technical experts when it comes to getting energy out of the ground. We know the value of hard work, and we don’t sacrifice rules or procedures when it comes to safety or meeting the energy needs of our nation in an economically and environmentally safe manner.


Our Team

Deak Harris

Chief Executive Officer


Deak Harris, holds the position of chief executive officer. Before starting Valor Energy, Harris spent 7 years with Dresser Inc, a GE company, most recently as Executive Vice President of Pipeline Solutions. There, he led teams through technical, safety, and risk review processes to successfully grow the company’s service lines. Before joining Dresser, Harris worked as a manager of special projects for Callidus Technologies. He holds a master's degree in business administration from Oklahoma City University and a bachelor's of science degree from Southern Nazarene University.

David Jones

Executive Vice President and
Chief Operational Officer


David Jones serves as executive vice president and chief operational officer. Prior to being part of the founding team of Valor Energy, David was Director of Operations for Thomas Acid and Tools. Jones used a hands-on approach to leading operations that covered design and execution of jobs, to hiring employees and purchasing of heavy equipment. David also worked for Halliburton and Bronco (RPC) as a field supervisor; running pumpdown and double pump trucks. David has extensive experience operating an oil and gas business in every facet, from dispatching employees for daily tasks to managing monthly financial operations.

Darren L. Skelton

Vice President of Sales


Darren L. Skelton holds the position of Vice President of Sales. A founding member of Valor Energy, Darren was formerly the Director of Sales for Thomas Energy Service. Skelton’s career in sales dates back to the 90’s, as he’s worked for Redback Energy Service, Bronco Oilfield Services, Redman Pipe and Supply Co, and LTV Energy/Continental Emsco. He holds a degree from Southwestern Oklahoma State University.


Our Locations

Located in the heart of our nation, we’re working in the oil-prone and liquids-rich energy shales that cover Oklahoma and Texas.